Theory of Constraints


The Theory of Constraints maintains that every system in a business has at least one constraint that prevents the system from attaining infinitely high level of performance. These often unidentified constraints often prevent it from attaining infinite profits. Like links in a chain, the weakest link causes the entire chain to be weak.

This two-day workshop explores the power of Theory of Constraints, and teaches you the fundamental tools that will allow your team to identify the constraints in each departmental section of the corporate chain and improve performance in that area, thus improving the performance of the entire organization. This seminar helps everyone to better focus the improvement efforts underway in your organization.

Program Contents:

  • What is the Theory of Constraints?
  • The Drum-Buffer-Rope paradigm
  • Thinking Systemically
  • A Better Approach
  • The Basic Principles and Tools of TOC
  • MRP consequences
  • Assessing the System
  • Quality Assurance consequences
  • Workflow example: Manufacturing
  • Strategy Development and Deployment
  • Workflow example: Service
  • Implementation methodologies
  • Processes within the System

Program Benefits:

  • More accurate understanding of process constraints in your organization.
  • More efficient use of process resources.
  • Improved capabilities and yields.
  • Rigorous, effective thinking methods.
  • A new dimension of process understanding.
  • Improved performance.

Who Should Attend:

  • Management representatives, quality managers, QA engineers, team leaders/staff managers working with quality initiatives.

Program Duration:

Two-day program, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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