Implementing the 5SSSS




If your company focus is lean production, total productive maintenance, or TQM, a clean, well-organized workplace is necessary for high performance manufacturing. The 5S System for Workplace Organization and Standardization is the starting point of any on-the-floor improvement activity, and improves efficiency, maintenance, and continuous improvement in all areas of the company.

This workshop explores the power of 5S, teaches you the five pillars of the system, and illustrates, through practical techniques, how it can be implemented in your organization.

Program Contents:

The content of this workshop is designed to provide everything you need to lead an employee learning group in understanding the concepts and tools in 5S. Specific agenda items include:

  • 5S background.

  • Understand the purpose and power of 5S.

  • Detail the 5 pillars of 5S.

  • Link 5S with company strategies.

  • Form teams for 5S implementation.

  • How to choose and prepare target areas for implementation.

  • How to perform a target area scan to assess current conditions and problems.

  • Taking action.

  • Measuring impact.

  • Keys to 5S success.

Program Benefits:

  • This class will give first time 5S'ers the knowledge and skills to bring the process to your company.

  • Experienced 5S'ers will learn to accomplish more in less time.

Who Should Attend:

  • Management representatives, quality managers, QA engineers.

  • Team leaders/staff managers working with quality initiatives.

Program Duration:

One-day program, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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