Measuring Customer Satisfaction


Satisfaction among current customers translates to customer loyalty, profitability, and-somehow-to acquisition of new customers. Increasing customer satisfaction should be an objective of every company's quality management system. An indication of its importance is the inclusion of a clause pertaining to customer satisfaction (8.2.1) in the ISO 9001:2000 Standard

The purpose of this program is to start you on the path to understanding the importance of customer satisfaction, how to measure it in your own organization, and evaluate its impact on your business.

Program Contents:

  • What the new Standard says about customer satisfaction.
  • Address issues like analyzing the cost of customer dissatisfaction.
  • Ways to measure value of measurements.
  • Developing a measurement system framework.
  • Identifying what to measure.
  • Developing reporting strategies.
  • Translating results into operational measures.
  • Developing an on-going review process.

Program Benefits:

  • Obtain the knowledge and skills to set up and track a customer satisfaction program.
  • Learn to link customer satisfaction to quality system performance.

Who Should Attend:

  • QA engineers, Quality Managers, Quality System Managers, Customer Service Managers, Controllers, TQ Managers

Program Duration:

Two-day program

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