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Management Rep Workshop- Beyond the Basics



The Management Representative has many responsibilities, not only does he need to implement, upgrade and maintain the QMS, but he is a key conduit between top management, all employees, and the customer.  He keeps the lines of communication flowing and reports on the system’s performance and effectiveness as well as any problems. In addition to understanding the company’s processes and the standard’s requirements, the Management Rep faces the additional issues of balancing conflicting priorities to obtain the support of his peers, his management and, at the same time, work with customers and registrar, has the responsibility to ensure that the QMS remains effective and that it enables continuous improvement.  The Management Representative Workshop provides proven strategies for maintaining an effective system, developing a partnership relationship with customers, and ensuring continual improvement.   You will learn the relationship between ISO 9001 automotive, environmental, aerospace, security, IT, lean manufacturing, 5S and Six Sigma, and how to integrate these initiatives to achieve strategic company goals and maximize profit.

Program Contents: 

  • Philosophy behind 2000 based standards.
  • Role of the Management Rep in implementing and maintaining the system:
    • Process approach including identification of core and support processes.
    • Documentation preparation and control.
    • Implementing 5.4.1 - Quality objectives.
    • System administration – 5.5.1.
    • Setting up an improvement initiative, including corrective and preventive action.
    • Setting up an internal audit program and making it pay.
    • Management reviews.
  • Project management.
  • Resource management and buy-in from other project participants.
  • Developing and maintaining customer relationships.
  • Integrating ISO / TS, Lean Management, and Six Sigma initiatives for optimizing improvement
    • Analyze customer needs and expectations by measuring customer satisfaction
    • Identify and isolate critical to quality parameters and estimate corresponding benefits
    • Prioritize improvement projects
    • Manage 6 sigma projects through the DMAIC process
    • Plan and manage Kaizen events
    • Risk analysis and risk management.
    • Continuity and disaster management


Program Duration:   

Two-day program, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


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