ISO / IEC 17025


What is ISO / IEC 17025?

ISO/IEC 17025 is the main standard used by testing and calibration laboratories. Originally known as ISO/IEC Guide 25, ISO/IEC 17025 was initially issued by the ISO in 1999. There are many commonalities with the ISO 9000 standard, but ISO/IEC 17025 adds in the concept of competence to the equation. ISO/IEC 17025 applies to testing and calibration laboratories, and is designed for both commercial laboratories (they perform work for other companies) and captive laboratories (as part of an organization).


Who should implement ISO/IEC Standard 17025?

  • Analytical testing laboratories of companies or organizations who are registered to an ISO 9000 based standard, if laboratory activities are subject to an audit.
  • Testing laboratories which want to prove to their clients that the analyses are done within a well recognized quality system.
  • Direct suppliers to organizations that require 17025 certification, such as TS 16949.
  • Laboratories getting official accreditation status by an accreditation body, for example by A2LA
  • All regulated laboratories can use ISO 17025 as a basis for their operations since the US FDA is implementing it in their labs, and recognize it when they conduct their FDA audits. 


The Business Benefits of ISO/IEC 17025?

Being compliant / accredited to ISO 17025 gives you confidence in the calibration decisions you make. It provides:

  • additional information about the quality of each measurement made during the calibration process,
  • a means of assessing the relative quality and capability of different calibration laboratories and suppliers from around the world, and
  • eliminates the need for supplier auditing - calibration suppliers are independently verified through the accreditation process.


How can EuroQuest Help?

EuroQuest has a team of ISO / IEC 17025 experts who provides consulting, auditing, and training services to laboratories of all sizes and in all industries.  We have assisted over 100 different laboratories to implement 17025 systems, and many of our consultants have worked with governmental laboratories, including the FDA, EPA, and Army, Navy and Marines.  Our solutions help companies leverage their resources to provide value add throughout the company. Whether you are looking for a small amount of guidance, or a complete turnkey system, we can help.  We measure our success by your improvement.

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