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The EuroQuest Team is comprised of a talented group of expert individuals – from the people you talk to on the phone to our group of world-renowned consultants. Why don’t you get to know them…

Meet the Office Staff...

Stacey Dean-Hyatt, Regional Manager

If you've called our office, you've more than likely spoken with Stacey at some time or other. This UGA-grad and Atlanta native has been a member of the EuroQuest Team since 1998. With a strong background in client relations and communications, she has promoted the development of our company over the past several years and has enjoyed the journey. Stacey's evolvement within the EuroQuest Team has led her to oversee various projects. Recently moving out of her role as Central Region Manager, she has been supervising our marketing efforts since 2001 while focusing on developing EuroQuest's identity as premiere quality consultants with the government and companies located in the Northeast, particularly among the medical device industry.

When she's not thinking "quality", Stacey spends time at home with her husband and their two pets (an English Bulldog & cat, who are great companions), reading, watching movies, and practicing yoga.

Ashley Hendrick, Regional Manager - Mid-South

An employee since 2001, Ashley's role at EuroQuest has shifted. Since 2001, she has been managing the coordination of our public seminars, and has been quite successful in ensuring the comfort of our training participants. Late 2002, Ashley was appointed to work with our clients in Tennessee & Mississippi and has made many friends in the short time this new project began. As Ashley is capable of wearing many "hats" at the office, she wears many more at home. She is a wonderful mother to a young son, is active in her church, and volunteers with local community groups. Beyond all of these duties, Ashley is a cheerleader, a friend, and a mother to many and has a smile for everyone she meets. If you haven't spoken with her yet, call to give her a southern "Hello" - she'll have you laughing in seconds.

Jayne Jacobs, Regional Manager - Southeast

Jayne has been a valuable member of the EuroQuest team since 2000 and has enjoyed working with our clients in a variety of geographic regions. She works closely with the US Marine Corps but also enjoys assisting companies of all sizes with their quality systems. With all clients, Jayne's specialty is her unwavering professionalism. Her strength is ensuring the success of her clients' quality projects, from implementation to on-site training, from ISO 9000 to Lean Manufacturing. She gets to know her clients and understands their needs. Jayne is EuroQuest's resident thespian. Not only does she enjoy going to the theater, Jayne also acts and writes plays. She is married with one son, and she and her husband enjoy traveling and cooking. Originally from the northern part of the U.S., Jayne enjoys working with our clients in the Southeast, where she has called home for over 10 years. So, get to know Jayne if you haven't met her yet. It won't be long before you'll hear her Master's Degree in Speech Pathology take over when she utters a true southern drawl. I've even heard her say, "Ya'll".

Peter J. Vareles, Regional Manager - Central / Mid-West Area

A recent addition to EuroQuest's Team, Peter came on board in 2002 and has a strong background in client relations. Originally from Garden City-Long Island, he moved recently from West Palm Beach, and married a southerner from Atlanta. Peter has a degree in Broadcasting / Communications, and his expertise in business services lends to his interest in quality management. At EuroQuest, Peter works in the heart of the automotive industry and supports his clients by researching and passing on information about the latest quality issues. Outside of EuroQuest, Peter co-owns a music production company and enjoys time at home with his wife and chocolate Labrador Retriever. He also enjoys sports (a major NY Giants & Miami Hurricanes fan), studies financial investments, and enjoys time with friends.

Mary Gimbert, Accounting Manager

Mary joined our team in 2003. Using her extensive background in accounting practices and software systems with large corporations, she is successful in streamlining our accounting processes for increased productivity. Mary's focus on efficiency carries over in her human resources responsibilities at EuroQuest and in her database management projects. Mary speaks fluent French, has lived in France, Toronto, Tokyo, and from east to west coast in the US. This international exposure and diversified life experience fits in well at EuroQuest. When not at work, she spends time tending her garden, quilting with friends and spoiling her new granddaughter.

Valerie Baller, Event Coordinator

Joining EuroQuest in 2003, we're excited about the wealth of great experience Valerie brings to our team. Her professional experience includes more than 10 years as a Corporate Recruiter, and she also works as a Sales Trainer for a national marketing firm. Valerie holds a B.A. in Human Services and is pursuing studies in holistic animal health. Interests outside of work are Egyptian art and culture, exploring museums and art galleries, traveling, yoga, dog shows, and playing with her Welsh & Lakeland Terriers.


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