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Outsourcing Internal Audits

Should I outsource my audits?

Many companies that are registered to an ISO based standard struggle with the required internal auditing.  Poor internal audits are a major contributor to companies failing recertification and maintenance surveys from ISO registrars.

To find out whether you should consider outsourcing your audits, ask yourself the following questions?

1.  Are you getting the answers you need from your internal audits?  Do you have poor results and poor feedback?

    • Are your auditors making mistakes and jumping to conclusions?
    • Do you have auditors just going through the motions?
    • Does too much time between audits mean make for rusty performance?
    • Do you have auditors who don’t have the skills to make audits value-added?

2.   Are you caught in the continuous auditor training cycle?

    • Do you have continual auditor turnover?
    • Do you have auditor burn out?
    • Do you have auditors that are just not good at auditing?


How EuroQuest can help

EuroQuest can help you to get the best from your system.  Our audits include much more than compliance; we do much more than taking procedures and checking if people are following them. Our auditing looks at the effectiveness of your system and seeks out opportunities for improvement. It focuses on where the risks are for the organization so that you can take preventive action.

EuroQuest has a team of certified lead auditors who know quality systems from the bottom up.  Many also have expertise working as a Registrar; so they know how registrars think.  Our team provides audits to companies of all sizes and in all industries.  We currently act as the audit team for several Fortune 500 organizations, as well for as many small privately owned companies.   We also conduct single audits – gap assessments, pre-assessment audits, or simply a single audit for organizations that fall behind their audit schedule.  Whether you are looking for a small amount of audit assistance, or a complete turn-key audit system, we can help.  We measure our success by your improvement.

EuroQuest can conduct ISO, TS, EMS, ISMS audits for you, including:

  • Gap Analyses
  • IT Risk Assessments
  • Regularly scheduled internal audits
  • Registration pre-assessment audits
  • Layered process audits


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Email: mail@euroquest.net • www.euroquest.net