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EuroQuest consulting services center around quality management and business improvement. The centerpiece of our service is ISO 9001:2000. Starting with this focus, our services are uniquely tailored to each client to maximize the return on investment.

All of our consultants are former industry leaders in their field. They have an average of 18 years in business experience and their expertise range includes quality management, environment management, Lean, Six Sigma, statistical process control, software quality management, product planning, project management, mistake proofing, defect prevention and measurement uncertainty.

Our manufacturing consultants are experts in all forms of manufacturing from discrete assembly to continuous chemical processes. Our service industry consultants have expertise in all major sectors including software, engineering, finance and insurance.

Our goal is to maximize client benefits and offer programs that achieve guaranteed results:

We guarantee registration. We have been in business since 1992 and enjoy a perfect record of having all of our clients achieve registration on their very first attempt, whether it be to ISO 9001, QS-9000, EMS 14001, or other management systems.

We guarantee improvement results. For our Lean and Six Sigma clients, we view registration as a milestone on the way to achieving improved profitability. With our clients, we identify potential improvements, jointly estimate the amount of benefits to be achieved, and guarantee achievement of those benefits.

We aim for perfection. If our clients are interested in the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, the Deming prize or one of the state quality awards, we are there to ensure that they qualify for all eligibility requirements.

We are effective with both small and large companies. We have helped many of the Fortune 50 companies and government and military organizations to implement their quality management and process improvement programs. On the other side of the scale, we are also successful with the smallest companies.

Typical consulting programs include:

  • Accelerated Migration to ISO 9001:2000, and TS16949 from ISO 9001/9002:1994, and QS-9000 respectively. December 2003 is fast approaching: If you are a registered company our Two Week Migration Program will allow you to upgrade all your documentation and transition your audit team to process auditing for a smooth transition.
  • Audit Management/ Registration Maintenance. When internal auditing resources are scarce, our professional staff of registered lead auditors will perform your audits, maintain your quality system and ensure that your registration status is not jeopardized.
  • Lean Process Management. If you want to achieve more with less, we will help you reduce waste and streamline your processes so the value flows and is maximized.
  • Calibration/Measurement Uncertainty. We will help you analyze your measurement system and assist your lab in implementing ISO 17025.
  • Environmental Management. If you wish to register to ISO 14001, EuroQuest will start with an Environmental Gap Analysis and provide you with a roadmap to registration. We can also mentor you to registration.
  • Integrated Management Systems. It is not necessary to manage your quality management, environmental management, and safety management systems as discrete components. We will help you unify your management systems to address all your component programs including lean management and Six Sigma. Integrated Quality Systems will minimize your administrative and auditing costs while maximizing your benefits.

In house Training Programs:
All of our public training programs are also available as in-house workshops, and with sufficient notice, all in-house training programs may be customized to use your documents and your own in-house situations as workshop exercises. These customized programs are always highly rated by our clients because they focus on the company's own practices. Considering all factors, such as potential travel costs of public seminar participants, you may find that the in-house programs are frequently cost attractive alternatives.

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